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Original Creators: Surreal Animation Homestar Runner

Custom Search. Homestar runner dating service. Nov 16, Marzipan broke up with Homestar , but she didn’t break his spirit.

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Ages of Characters

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It mixes surreal humor , self-parody, and references to s, s, s, and early s pop culture , in particular video games , classic television , and popular music. While the site originally centered on the title character, Homestar Runner , the Strong Bad Email cartoon skits quickly became the site’s most popular and prominent feature, with Strong Bad becoming a breakout character.

Since , the site has grown to encompass a variety of cartoons and web games featuring Homestar, Strong Bad, and numerous other characters. At the peak of its popularity, the site was one of the most-visited sites with collections of Flash cartoons on the web , spreading via word of mouth. Afterwards, co-creator Matt Chapman announced plans to give the site semi-regular updates starting in fall , due to the positive reception given to the April Fools’ Day cartoon.

Matt described the origin of the name “Homestar Runner” as a in-joke between themselves and James Huggins , a childhood friend of the Chapman brothers while growing up in Dunwoody, Georgia. It actually comes from a friend of ours [James]. There was an old local grocery store commercial, and we live in Atlanta, and it advertised the Atlanta Braves. It was like, “the Atlanta Braves hit home runs, and you can hit a home run with savings here!

And our friend [James] knows nothing about sports, and so he would always do his old-timey radio impression of this guy, and not knowing any positions in baseball or whatever, he would just be like, “homestar runner for the Braves”. And we were just like, “Homestar Runner? That’s the best thing we’ve ever heard! The idea to use “Homestar Runner” for a children’s book came while Mike and Craig were in a bookstore, and commented on how “terrible” the children’s books were, prompting the idea to create their own.

They only printed about five to ten copies to share with friends, and had no intention to publish it.

Homestar Runner

If you grew up on the internet, Homestar Runner represents a time when the world wide web felt a little bit smaller. It was hilariously sarcastic, but unlike the rest of the Flash landscape in the early s, Homestar was never hateful or cheap. Matt and Mike Chapman spent a childhood cutting up Super 8 tape, writing amateur comic books, and absorbing every nugget of disposable pop culture they could get their hands on. Years later, they would distil their fascination with the fringe edges of Americana into their very own online cartoon show.

Homestar Runner is a place of screwball public access television, byzantine parallel universes, and miles-deep references to sports, music, video games, and everything else they loved. The Chapmans may have chided the stupidity of cultural debris, but they still loved it.

The bit (part of the Homestar Runner empire) saw four stick-figure teens navigating the ins and outs of late adolescence for a minute or two.

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Since my core content is already well preserved on the Internet Archive, YouTube, and the original site, since the contextualizing information has been meticulously captured by dedicated fans and posted to the HR Wiki, and since the community remains active through the Homestar subreddit, doing the actual preservation work was in the end highly redundant. The work has been done and well. So instead, here is the intellectual exercise of how to organize the data were it to be captured and preserved by a different kind of organization: a major research university.

While the argument has been made for preservation by original order, homestarrunner. This folder contains the information that captures intellectual control of the materials contained in parts of the collection.

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The Best Cartoons of the Early Internet

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It might be hard to remember, but there were videos and memes on the internet before there was YouTube. Before high-speed streaming was the norm, it was still possible to share funny content with a friend — it just so happened that it was usually an audio file, or a postage stamp—size video, or it was animated in something called Flash. Thanks to the rise of the iPhone and the ability to create video content in minutes, rather than the months it might take to create a Flash cartoon, the art of Flash animation is quickly becoming a relic of Web 1.

One cannot write about animation on the internet without writing about Homestar, Strong Bad, and their friends. Beginning in , the world of Homestar Runner grew quickly from short cartoons to weekly email responses to elaborate, dragon-based music videos. The site spread completely by word of mouth, its creators turned down several offers to bring their show to television, and it sold a boatload of T-shirts.

Slowly but surely over the years, Strong Bad came to overshadow the title character, and through his responses to viewer emails, dozens of early-aughts memes were launched, from 20×6, to Teen Girl Squad , to the insanely catchy fhqwhgads. Homestar and friends disappeared for a bit, but they continue to reemerge from time to time in various forms — most recently as a board game, but perhaps most memorably when they were brought face-to-face with their own mortality as their world of Adobe Flash began to crumble around them.

Today we live in a world where TV shows never die. But in , when new, short episodes of The Critic began to appear on the now defunct atomfilms. A canceled TV show revived? On the internet? Length aside, the web version of The Critic was different from the TV version as the focus shifted more toward the parody aspect of the show, cramming in as many topical references to current cinema as possible, excluding beloved side characters like Doris and Duke.

Homestar runner dating service

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own. Part seven in our seven-part “John is actually on vacation and misses you all so much that it makes his teeth hurt” series. I normally don’t do shameless plugs, but I would be a pretty poor humor columnist if I didn’t use my meager position to blatantly promote the things I like. For the uninitiated, Homestarrunner. But it’s so much more.

Homestar Runner and Marzipan Extra Real Dating Sim XR Gameplay. Free Online Dating Simulation Games Sim Date # Play disney Games # Watch.

Anne T. Donahue September 20, The bit part of the Homestar Runner empire saw four stick-figure teens navigating the ins and outs of late adolescence for a minute or two every few weeks. But, alas, here we are. Especially because I like most people on earth am quite busy. A crush only becomes a problem when your time is devoured by incessant text-message analysis, Instagram creeping or going out of your way on a regular basis to maybe walk by them like you did on that random Monday three weeks ago.

What a terrible joke. In high school, I prioritized the boys I liked over everything. I operated on a one-way street of attention, common courtesy and general interest. As if I had nothing in the world to do but pursue men who forgot when my birthday was. I mean, technically, anyway.

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Neither do I. But I do remember the not-quite-so-old days, when the Internet was young and everyone waited for each new Homestar Runner. Look for new material by autumn. Really, the world just keeps getting better and better. Then things changed — I found the love of my life … We all get movie star crushes. Ryan Gosling is becoming a father.

Beginning in , the world of Homestar Runner grew quickly from short cartoons to We do get a few plotlines from Jay’s dating life, including the was all the rage among the indie online-animator world, and people then.

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Teen Girl Squad #1