Sorry, astrology fans: you’ve been reading the wrong star sign all this time

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What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Art?

As a professional psychic and reader of cards, I am constantly asked about dating, love, and romance. Constantly, as if it’s the only thing people live for. While there is no guarantee on whether we end up with a soulmate or not, there certainly is a chance we’ll go out on a date at some point or another during our lives. While dating advice will have you believe everything cumulates into a nervous breakdown that has been slowed down so that every minute of it can seem painfully on edge, it’s a totally individual process.

Here’s a closer look at how every astrological sign presents themselves In its survey, Plenty of Fish found that 70% of Libras said they’re the ones RELATED: The Best Engagement Ring Style, Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

Last week, we closely examined the drinking habits of people by their zodiac sign and this week we are going to take a look into the dating habits of these people. Is this a vast generalization? Is this a hard truth? Regardless if you think astrology is BS or that it is your inevitable fate, one thing remains constant: people love astrology — either they love to hate it or they love to live by it.

Your personality plays the essential and central role in the dating process. It is what draws your attraction to another person and keeps you engaged in their presence. As in life, there are certain qualities that you never wish for a potential partner to exhibit while there are others you demand they possess. Your astrological sign can serve as an indicator of your personality traits, so let’s take a look how those can be applied in a dating sense.

If you are going to date an Aries, you are in for a real thrill, as these strong, driven and motivated individuals are people to be admired.

Everything Your Zodiac Signs Say About Your Studying Style

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Are you a touchy Taurus or an aloof Aquarius? Glamour astrologist Jenny Lynch explains what your sign says about your dating strengths and.

Convivial Venus guides your romantic desires and your social style: Are you a shameless flirt or a unapologetic introvert? Do you prefer a slow-burning courtship or are you the type who would race to a Vegas chapel on the fifth date? As the only planet in our solar system named after a female deity yes, astrology could use a feminist upgrade!

Venus is NOT about the p—- …well, you can fill in the rhyme. Thrusting and warring is the business of her male consort, macho Mars , while sensual Venus directs the archetype of feminine energy within all of us. Footnote: We believe that no matter what box you tick in the gender category, we all have some F, M, and T in us!

Understanding your Venus sign—and that of your bae or bae-to-be —can help you find your way to a partner who is divinely suited to your romantic needs. The energy of your Venus sign can also say a lot about your personal style and aesthetic.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Love Life?

Dating, hooking up, hanging out—whatever your approach to relationships, like all things, the stars come into play. Here, astrologer Kelli Fox of TheAstrologer. Because love’s got everything to do with it.

Here what you need to know about every zodiac sign’s dates and Style · Video · WH Promotions & Events · WHMH Fitness Equipment · Newsletter astrology are still the 12 Sun signs (a.k.a. your main zodiac sign) and the veeery born,” says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at and.

Subscriber Account active since. Whether you’ve been together for years or just met a few minutes ago, planning the perfect date can be very, very difficult. Not only is there the issue of finding the right place to go, there’s also the way you interact as a couple because, let’s face it, dates can be a little bit awkward, especially when personalities are revealed. The zodiac can be a fun way to look into someone’s personality type and dating style , as well as whether or not you’re a match in the first place.

If anything, looking into your partner’s sign can help provide some new and unusual ideas for when you’ve run out of date spots as well as insight into what you can expect on a date. This is just for fun, but we rounded up all the ways going on a date with each sign is different. Aries are known for being fun, energetic, and easily bored , so they usually avoiding having a specific type or dating one particular kind of person. An Aries will be happiest when going on adventurous, spontaneous dates , so if your significant other or potential lover is an Aries, think outside the box.

Think rock climbing or a helicopter tour. Though many people want to have heart-eyes for their partner, you probably prefer dollar signs.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Dating Habits

The list goes on. You have a rep for being stubborn and rigid , but real talk: You can also be carefree and spontaneous. In fact, you always put your pals first—even before your own needs. The truth is that you give your all—resources, contacts, compliments, whatev—to anyone who needs a boost.

would be like? Here’s what’s in store for you based on your zodiac sign. Their dating style is mostly traditional and nothing too surprising.

Discussing your date’s zodiac sign is an excellent icebreaker, but what is each sign actually like while online dating? Now that apps like Tinder have become commonplace as ways to meet people, finding a mate on the Internet has lost a lot of its stigma. However, we each have our own dating personalities — and a lot of how we handle ourselves romantically is written in the stars. To score a first date with some signs say, a Pisces you might have to wait a few days before you hear anything, while other signs, such as Virgo, will message back so diligently you’ll wonder if they have a personal assistant.

Some signs, such as Scorpios, Geminis, and Libras, may present a different version of themselves online than the person you ultimately fall in love with. A few may shout their zodiac sign from the top of their profile Leos while others Capricorns may be turned off if you try to engage in astrology talk. So, how does your sign date online, and what should you know about your potential mates?

Read on to learn how people date on the Internet according to their zodiac sign. Aries are the infants of the zodiac , but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re childish. However, like children, they know what they want and tend to be direct about it. If they want you to buy them new lingerie , they’ll order you to do so. When it comes to online dating, an Aries profile is likely to state directly what they’re looking for. If an Aries has just been heartbroken or is in need of a good scam to get back their primary partner’s attention, they’ll have no shame in hitting up a Tinder match for a booty call.

Most romantic zodiac sign female

Then, get on Bumble and get matching! Fiery Rams need a physical connection, so get your blood pumping on a date with a run or some dancing. For a Twin, amazing conversation — both in-person and online — is a prerequisite. Geminis are endlessly curious, and love to be the first on a cultural trend.

Dating horoscope, zodiac sign dating style. Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes. Here’s how your zodiac sign influences your dating habits.

On top of that, NASA has added a brand new zodiac sign into the mix. So, have the dates shifted on your star sign? Read on to find out…. However, astrologers have a word of warning to all those frantically casting the old zodiac aside. Eastern astrology sidereal reads the planets against the current view of the constellations.

Western astrology tropical sticks with the unchanging positions and accounts for the apparent shift via the great ages around 2, years in each sign. Hence the move from Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Astrology is a symbolic language, a philosophy, a multidimensional concept. They used to be seen as two sides of the same coin and hopefully they will be again. As previously reported: marks the start of not only a new decade, but a new astrological era. And, back in January, astrologists everywhere claimed that this meant our year would be an intense one.

Astrology , on the surface, may be based on the position of the sun relative to certain constellations — and it may be influenced by the movements of the sun, moon, planets and stars, too. Despite this, there are many people who put great stock in what their horoscope says each morning. They carefully scan the pages of their morning newspaper, searching for their own zodiac sign, and drink in everything that the astrologer has written for them that day.

How To Win Your Heart Based On Your Zodiac Sign