Enneagram Type 7 – The Enthusiast

As with all double-type relationships, two Enneagram Sevens generally bring the same qualities to each other. Therein lies both a main source of the attraction as well as one of the main pitfalls. Thus, the Level of health of each person is especially important for these types of relationships as are their dominant instincts. The key characteristics of double Seven relationships are easy to spot: high energy, spontaneity, frequent travel and entertaining, and an interest in anything new or that promises to open new possibilities. If both Sevens are psychologically healthy and well balanced, there is a noteworthy joyousness and sense of abundance that permeates their relationship and which spills out to everyone around them. A healthy double Seven relationship is emphatically happy—even radiant and exuberant-and both parties enjoy sharing their happiness with as many others as possible. They are thoughtful, sensitive, idealistic, hospitable, and generous. Double Seven couples are sociable and unusually good company for others as much as they are with each other.

Your Enneagram Can Help You Fall in Love—Here’s Why

Ryan: 3 — The Achiever. Sometimes it is unwelcome and jarring, but to everyone’s surprise Type 5’s like to have fun too. You are in love with love. As self-sustained and confident you are when flying solo, Seven, you have a soft spot for the picturesque Disney romance—complete with cheesy jokes and over-the-top music.

Fours experience the world through feelings while Sevens are primarily mental. Epicures habitually focus their attention on positive possibilities in all things.

I was dying to get out of it and go someplace more exciting. When I was 16, I started dating, and before long I got pregnant, but the father didn’t want to marry me—.

Sevens are mental types who are forward thinkers and forward movers. They usually bring an optimistic and positive attitude to all of their activities. They are interested in many different subjects. They don’t want to be limited to doing one thing and they prefer to keep their options and possibilities open. Although they can be excellent communicators, they are less concerned with image and other people’s approval than other types. It’s most important to have fun or get to do one’s own thing , whether that’s found in travel and adventure or more intellectual pursuits.

They are enthusiastic consumers of new ideas, new technology, and pleasurable experiences. However, too much of a good thing can be a problem for them.

Dating a woman with type 1 diabetes

With the looming uncertainty caused by the COVID virus strain, we have bought endless supplies of toilet paper, sanitized our hands until our skin has started peeling off and barricaded our doors. We have all probably adopted some strange coping mechanisms to deal with the mass hysteria that comes with a movie-esque virus outbreak. Each of us is distinct in our reactions to situations, translating in every Enneagram personality type offering a unique perspective on COVID In essence, the Enneagram identifies nine core personality types or styles and reveals how each type views, engages in and feels about the world.

If you are also a big online personality assessment enthusiast, in order to not only become more self-aware but also have some interesting topics at hand during awkward silences, then take a look at this 5 minute free! Energy: Goodness.

What Type Sevens tell us about themselves · Life is an adventure! · I seek pleasure and have an insatiable appetite for new experiences. · I am optimistic, active and.

You can shake down their friends for personal details, inquire about their time of birth and turn to astrology, or consult your Enneagram number on if a love match is possible. A final option is to dig through his or her social media accounts for dirt, but honestly, you might not find much more than what books they liked when they first joined Facebook in When you know yourself, you can more accurately determine the qualities you need in a partner in order to have a successful relationship.

Love can be a learning experience for you! Seek out that balance! You deserve it. Look for a partner who likes you for reasons beyond your biggest accomplishments, successes and ambitions. Work for a relationship that builds at a comfortable pace, rather than vaulting headfirst into one based on obsession and volatility.


We know it with some—maybe only a few—but the ones who hold that part of us do so for a lifetime. The Enneagram is based on an ancient personality typing system and is divided into nine numbers and subdivided into three triads. The triads represent the head, the heart, and the gut, which are the three basic components of the human psyche. When I understood the power of this kind of introspection, I immediately knew it had wider implications for dating relationships.

But it holds unique insight into the tendencies that hold us back from healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

SX first sevens, can you describe how you are with dating and romance? And how is that different to SP or SOC first sevens – especially SX last.

Until two weeks later when you have a new detailed plan… and then two weeks after that…. You feel depressed if your resources are limited in any way. You enjoy variety when it comes to just about everything — dining, socializing, working, loving, travelling… the list goes on. You have seriously wondered if you have some form of attention deficit disorder at least once. There are a lot of ways to get over something and you can think of about twenty-five that are significantly more enjoyable than wallowing around in misery.

Others are often surprised by your ability to hone in on a project entirely. You absorb things best through first-hand experience. In childhood, your parents often groaned that you had to learn everything the hard way. May as well be six years. You get really excited about each new person you date but at the end of the day you believe that the only person capable of making you happy long-term is you. Adulthood is awesome because your life is now all up to you.

You enjoy debating ideas, even if those ideas get people emotionally riled up. Okay, especially if they get people riled up. You are passionately obsessed with the future and all the possibilities it brings.


Becoming Us is a self-paced, online curriculum tailored for your Enneagram Type combination. Learn how to exercise more balance, self-control, and grace in your daily interactions. Turn hot-button arguments into balanced and productive conversations. Learn to avoid unhealthy patterns and misunderstandings before they become significant issues in your marriage. Build a culture of mutual respect, compassion, and connection in your home as you learn to affirm, support, and point one another back to Christ.

We created a marriage course with all the Enneagram and Gospel insights we wish we had in our early years.

Enneagram Type Two and Type Seven personality types are both outgoing, energetic, and positive.

Sevens are exuberant, fast-paced, spontaneous, analytical and idea-oriented. As movers and forward thinkers, Sevens usually are optimistic and positive with an interest in many topics and activities. They avoid limits and prioritize fun in travel, adventure and intellectual pursuits. Sevens find it challenging to focus in depth or to stay the course in work and relationships. Rationalization — staying in the head, or explaining away or justifying feelings and behaviors in order to avoid pain or accepting responsibility.

Sevens use rationalization to avoid suffering and to maintain a self-image of being OK. They tend to see life through rose-colored glasses, reframing everything positively.

Use Your Enneagram Personality Type to Highlight What You Need Most in a Romantic Partner

Featured below is a clickable table linking to 45 possible combinations of Enneagram types in relationship with each other. These combinations allow us to see deeply within our own character structure and assist us in developing healthy relationships with our partner, family members, friends, clients and co-workers.

These combinations can help us gain insight and a deeper sense of ourselves and others, which leads to compassion. Explore the table above, featuring the 45 combinations of Enneagram type relationship s. Before visiting the various Matrix pairings, review the instructions and background information below. Within each of the combinations, I explore the relationship dynamics of each type with every other type, placing an emphasis on the circle of conflict that naturally occurs between the types and how this circle can lead to relationship distress and disruption.

Enneagram 7 With Six-wing; Personality Traits of Enneagram 7w6 What are prominent examples of enneagram type seven? they wear, where they live and what they do is all up to date with the appropriate standards.

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Making It Work With Enneagram Type 7